Word of the day: Cats

Of all the creatures of the Animal Kingdom, cats are by far the most interesting, intense and funny. Sometimes even I believe that they are Satan’s spawn but then they give you “the look” that makes your head explode of a cuteness overload.

Recently on my quest for LOL cats and kitties I discovered this site, where mother cat Miranda takes care of her kittens live on the Foster Cat Cam (Needless to say, the first time I opened the page I got stuck there for several hours and now I try to sneak in without getting caught at work).

I grew up petting cats – and sometimes, turtles and dogs – and I can’t see my life without a feline in it, even if I’m highly allergic to their fur. I got used to change the cat litter, to have countless little toys all around the apartment ready to slip under my foot, to be suddenly attacked by a pair of claws out of nowhere, and to be observed in the dark without getting jumpy. Of course, having a cat is much more than that: you also get a very independent and furry companion that will come purring by night to give you some warmth, and that will give you loads – believe me, LOADS – of cuteness.

One of my latest plans for conquering the world is to open a cat cafe in Paris. Already successful in Japan, this concept is about a place (a bar, for instance) where the customers go to relax, have a drink, and interact with cats. Usually, in cities with high population densities such as Tokyo and Paris people can’t keep pets themselves, which is quite sad in my opinion.

Travelling abroad I noticed that Istanbul is a cat-friendly city. When walking around the Hagia Sophia, you won’t miss the stray cats – and their plastic containers of water discreetly placed on sidewalks. Even universities organize the feeding of strays! And as they say in the old imperial capital, “If you’ve killed a cat, you need to build a mosque to be forgiven by God.”