Tasty stuff #1: Chocolate

Dark or white, filled or just tablets, chocolate is one of the most delicious things that Mother Nature could provide us (although technically she only gave us the cacao beans). Some people become addict, some others are allergic to it but, truth be told, the world would not be the same without it. Oh, chocolate…

I must say that the best chocolate I have ever had was Belgian, and I got it from Bruges, the small city made famous for it’s canals (no wonder they call it “The Venice of the North”), and for the movie starring Colin Firth. My mouth still remembers the truffled flavour that got me to the moon and back – and I’m not exagerating. Of course, you can always find good chocolate shops in the big cities, and in my personal experience that is an important factor when it comes to decide where to live.

If you are as fond as I am for this sweet pleasure of Gods, you may find interesting the Schokoladen Museum in Cologne, Germany. Located by the Rhein river, nearby the city center, it’s the perfect hangout for a Sunday afternoon with its giant chocolate fountain (…) and the chocolate cakes they sell at the Café (and if you’re lucky and have good weather, you can also enjoy the sight of the Rhein at the terrace).

But then, if you’re rather into more warm latitudes, Spain is always a good option for having churros con chocolate in Madrid. After a night out, a short stick of fried dough dipped into thick bittersweet hot chocolate it’s just the right thing for going to bed happy and fully sated.

Finally, turn on your speakers and listen to some of this songs while you let it melt in your mouth!