A new Jodorowsky movie?

When it comes to talk about Alejandro Jodorowsky, there is a before and an after. Before, he directed cult movies, wrote the Fabulas Panicas and drew comic strips. After, he “created” his own spiritual system, the psychomagic, and got into more esoterical stuff. Some got caught in his charm at the early years, when he made films such as Fando y Lis or El Topo (which I liked a lot), some others came to know him when he started reading Tarot cards in a café in Paris. But truth is that Jodo, as his followers call him, has always had the ability to surprise us all.

After some rumours involving a movie with Marilyn Manson (for whom Jodo officiated when Manson married Dita von Teese), a sequel to El Topo, and a gangster film, finally there is an upcoming film already in the oven. Called La Danza de la Realidad, this autobiographic work might never see the light – it depends on whether Jodo likes it or not before showing it to the audiences.

(Here, Jodo interviews Manson. Only for hardcore fans)


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